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All nuclear weapons states must be condenmed, especially the United States and their NATO allies

World without Wars strongly condemns the news on the 6th of January, 2016 of a successful nuclear weapon test carried out by the government of North Korea.

This underground test will inevitably lead to radioactive material escaping into the environment and unnecessarily increases tension in a region of several nuclear weapons states and other states supposedly protected by a “nuclear umbrella” courtesy of the United States.

Yet, despite our condemnation of the North Korean government for threatening its neighbours with nuclear destruction and unbearable humanitarian consequences, we recognise that this act has not occurred in isolation of other facts.

The Korean peninsula is still in an official state of war. South Korea has a reported military strength of 630,000 active soldiers, and North Korea 1,190,000. In addition the USA also has over 30,000 soldiers on the peninsula.

Having been labelled a country in Bush’s “axis of evil”, the North Korean regime has seen how other countries such as Iraq and Libya have suffered, with their leaders brutally murdered. In this light they see their nuclear weapons as the only means of survival. North Korea holds onto its doctrine of deterrence just as all other nuclear-weapon-states do the same.

It is in this context that it is not enough to condemn North Korea, it is necessary to condemn all nuclear weapons states, and the worst perpetrator of nuclear bullying: The United States and their NATO allies.

The USA is the only country to have used nuclear weapons on an innocent population. They entered into a nuclear race with the Soviet Union which several times brought the planet to the edge of complete destruction and despite Gorbachev’s offers to enter into mutual nuclear disarmament, they refused to do so. Now, with their NATO allies, they spend 11 times more than Russia on military spending and have continually moved the borders of NATO right up to the Russian border despite an agreement between Gorbachev and Bush that this would not happen upon German reunification.

Expecting the nations of the world to refrain from developing nuclear weapons when their very existence is threatened by the world’s biggest nuclear bully is stupid. Both China and Russia feel increasingly under attack from the United States’ military doctrine.

The only solution to the increasing threat of nuclear detonations either intentional or accidental is for the nations of the world to rapidly advance in proportional and progressive disarmament of both conventional and nuclear weapons.

These efforts need to be driven forward by those who spend most on their military budgets.

In the meantime all nations of the world need to advance in measures that make nuclear weapons illegal and provide a plan to eliminate them. Such measures should include; the negotiation of a treaty to ban nuclear weapons and make them illegal; the ratification and signing of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty by the eight countries necessary for the treaty to come into force; and the negotiation of a treaty to control the production of fissile material, among other things.

Other measures such as all nuclear weapons states taking their nuclear weapons off high-alert status so that no country can annihilate another country in a matter of minutes can help create the conditions for international relations to improve and trust to develop.

It goes without saying that reduced military budgets should lead to an eradication of poverty around the world and the development of an equitable global economic system that allows all human beings on the planet to live a dignified life with full access to good quality health, education, employment, leisure time and security in one’s old age.

This position statement is published in the name of World without Wars, Hungary.

Paris Attacks: Violence is the problem, never the solution

The terrorist attack that took place on November 13th in Paris is another act of violence against civilians, another act of violence against all Humanity. It clearly shows that anyone and in any place in the world can become the victim of brutal violence powered by hatred, intolerance, discrimination, fanaticism and vengeance.

This new massacre cannot be treated in isolation because it is connected to others of a similar nature; those carried out a few years ago in New York, London and Madrid, among others; nor can we say that these events are unrelated to the invasions and wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria where the dead and those affected can be counted in the hundreds of thousands. Today it is being demonstrated that the responses to these wars, mainly caused by western countries, cannot be limited to the conflict zones themselves because globalization means that these responses can appear in any point of the planet. Today, there are no longer any “safe” places in front of this escalation of violence.

We absolutely denounce the hypocritical behaviour of those who feed the culture of war and violence; those who, on the one hand, sell weapons and invade countries, while on the other one, invite our support for the victims of the terrorist acts which they themselves finance (even if indirectly); those who put more attention on the victims of their own region, and who forget those they create in distant lands…

Violence can never be the solution to violence. Violence is the problem, and there is only one way to solve it: place human beings and our basic needs (education, culture, equal opportunities and a fair distribution of wealth) in the centre of our actions and our politics.

It is more than clear that humanity cannot bear any more violence and needs a real culture of peace and nonviolence.

That’s why in World without Wars and Violence we express our solidarity not only with the families and friends of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris but also with the families of the terrorists, those young people who felt that they have no future and who are turned into puppets in the hands of dark interests.

We call on all human beings to learn to resist the violence in oneself and in human society by practicing active nonviolence and nonviolence by any means. From World without Wars and Violence we shall therefore continue to organise forums, events, workshops of awareness and training in all possible points of the planet and in all cultures to help to create a nonviolent consciousness.

We call on governments to stop their escalation of institutional violence, which is outside the bounds of national and international law: provoking, invading, interfering and, promoting coups d’état in other countries with cynical attitudes in defence of the “freedom”, “democracy” and “human rights”.

The temptation to enter an increasingly hard spiral of actions/reactions will open the path towards disaster. From many places, we are starting to hear that a third World War is on the way. If we have governments that are so stupid and irresponsible as to add fuel to the fire, it is down to us, the citizens, to make them see reason.

It is time for human beings to finally emerge from prehistory to start our true humanization, and the only way is through nonviolence!

Our support and solidarity for all the victims in Paris!

Our support also for all other victims of the barbarity of terrorism and of wars in the world!

World without Wars and Violence
World Coordination Team
November 14th, 2015